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Camp Fatima of NJ | P.O. Box 654 | Harrison NJ | 07029


Contact us directly by emailing the following addresses:

If you are in need of a camper application or have questions about campers please email the

If you have and requests or questions about summer camp volunteer opportunities please contact


You can also follow us on Facebook for pertinent camp updates, fundraisers, and events.


Chairperson: William Malone

Secretary: Sharon Hayner

Co-Treasurers: Elizabeth L. Wolansky, CPA  &  Brian C. Denman

Finance and Long Term Planning: Meghan Schneck

Membership: Vinny Marriner

Fundraising: Nick Landy

Summer Camps: Kevin Denman

Camper Committee:  Sr. Maryanne Campeotto

Personnel Committee: Steve DeBlasio

Adult Programming: Jennifer Stokes

Publicity:  Paul Fallaha