Board of Directors


2018 – 2019 Camp Fatima Board Members:

Chairperson: William Malone

Secretary: Sharon Hayner

Co-Treasurers: Elizabeth L. Wolansky, CPA  &  Brian C. Denman

Finance and Long Term Planning: Meghan Schneck

Membership: Vinny Marriner

Fundraising: Nick Landy

Summer Camps:  Kevin Denman

Camper Committee: Sr. Maryanne Campeotto

Personnel Committee: Steve DeBlasio

Adult Programming:  Jenn Stokes

Publicity: Paul Fallaha



The first Wednesday of every month at 7pm.



Camp Fatima Board of Directors meet at  Harrison High School, 800 Hamilton St., Harrison, NJ 07029.



Board of Director Elections are held in the Spring of each year, beginning with a nomination process.

Candidates for the Board of Directors including Chairperson and Alternates, shall be 18 years of age or older, in good standing with a working knowledge of the Organization’s programs, who have completed within the past 5 years:

1. One summer camp week or
2. Two Adult Weekends or

Two years of other direct service to the Corporation that is accountable to a current Director


Camp Fatima Bylaws: